The Convenience of SHAZAMChek!

We offer SHAZAMChek. This card is offered free to our customers. The SHAZAMChek can be used to make purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted. It can also be used as an ATM card to access cash, account balances, deposits, and account to account transfers. Please contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives about adding a SHAZAMChek to your account today.

You can also use any ATM machine that carries the Privilege Status logo without being charged a transaction fee. Click to find the nearest Privilege Status ATM .

SHAZAM R.A.D.A.RYour protection and peace of mind is our priority! To mitigate fraud, we have partnered with SHAZAM to help guard your debit card against fraudulent activity. CLICK HERE for more information!